Valuebets Table

A Valuebets table displays data according to filter settings specified in the right panel of the page (a left button with three horizontal lines in the mobile version). See Valuebets_Filter.

The layout of the desktop version is clear and self-explanatory, while the mobile version omits the column headings, compare:

Desktop version of Valuebets Table

Mobile version of Valuebets Table

Let us start with the top panel, that has a number of options:

Valuebets Top Panel

The search field allows searching for specific teams and leagues/championships/countries. For teams, it is enough to type a team's name and press the enter key. For leagues/championships/counties please use the following command:


For example, for Bundesliga it will be: tournament:Bundesliga.

The button with arrows brings the odds format converter where you can easily switch between different odds types (decimal, fractional, etc.).

The puzzle button shows information about our SureBetSlip browser extension. When installed, it helps to highlight the odds and fill-out the betslip on a bookmaker's website - for most popular bookmakers.

The graph icon displays information about the time of latest update per bookmaker.

Finally, the question mark icon provides general information on valuebets.

Next goes the total number of valuebets found. It also includes valuebets in sublists for events. Press on the "+ N" link to display sublists.

+N valuebets for this event

The table has 7 columns: Bookmaker, Start Time (the column with triangles), Event, Market, Odds, Probability, and Overvalue.

The Start time, Odds, Probability, and Overvalue columns allow sorting in the ascending and descending order - in desktop version only.

The Bookmaker column contains the names of bookmakers to which the bets pertain, as well as the sport category. Bookmaker's names are clickable: they will take you to the main page of the bookmaker's website.

The Start time column displays the date and time for the event.

The Event column states the names of teams/players, as well as the event (league/championship). Upon clicking the link, you will be taken to the event page on the bookmaker's website (for a part of bookmakers).

In the Market column you can find the market/line for the bet. If you hover the mouse over it, there will appear a pop-up with market description. (Read more about Markets)

The Odds column specifies odds for the bets. It may also contain additional information: a bookmaker's commission is given in brackets, and for betting exchanges the stake limit and the lay odds are indicated too.

Betting exchange odds explaied

If you have a SureBetSlip extension installed, it will allow pre-filling the betslip and highlighting the odds on the bookmaker's website once you click on the odds link (for a part of bookmakers).

The Probability column gives true probability of the event occurrence. We determine it by comparing odds from a large number of bookmakers, calculating the bookmaker’s margin for each of the odds, and then determining how the bookmaker assessed the probability. Then we calculate the average value between all bookmakers, and consider this probability to be "true".

Numbers in the Overvalue column show the bookie's overestimation of the event probability (as bookmakers can mistake in calculations sometimes). We calculate it by multiplying probability by the odds, and checking by what percentage the resulting value is greater than 100%. The more overvalued it is, the more profit can be earned in the long term (when stakes are regular and you keep to a certain strategy).