Surebets Filter

To select only surebets that match your requirements, use the filter panel on the right. In the mobile version tap on the button with three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

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The very first drop-down list allows selecting a filter, combining several filters or saving a filter.


You can sort by Age (from newest to oldest), Start time (from most distant to the nearest events), Profit (by default, from most to least lucrative) and ROI (more about it below). Sort direction (from largest to smallest or vice versa) can be set by clicking on the triangle button next to the sorting properties list. OR by clicking on the respective column header. Note: Age, Profit and ROI values all pertain to the first column.

Number of outcomes

It allows displaying surebets with only 2 outcomes or only 3 outcomes. In unchecked mode both types will be displayed - same as with both checkboxes selected. For the same surebet conditions priority will be given to 2-outcome surebets, and 3-outcome ones will be available in sublists (+X surebets for this event).

Profit range (min/max)

Minimum profit field allows setting minimum profitability of displayed surebets. If required, a user may select only very profitable surebets or even negative ones (e.g. to earn a bookmaker’s bonus for new users). Surebets with negative profit are only available with a paid subscription, and their number is limited.

ROI (interest per annum)

Return on Investment is calculated this way: ROI = Profit / Time until this profit is received (annual)

For example, let’s take a 10% surebet. If the time to receive the profit is:
2 years, it will be 5% ROI (10/2)
1 year, it will be 10% ROI (10/1)
6 months = 20% ROI (10/0.5)
1 month = 120% ROI (10/(1/12))

Event during

This filter option sets the time interval for the event to start. You can choose one of the preset values or set a custom one.


Bookmakers can be selected based on player preferences. To do this, just check the respective boxes. “Check all” selects or deselects all bookmakers at once. If you select only one bookmaker, it is very possible that no surebets will be displayed - positive valid surebets within one bookmaker are very rare.

The quickest way to find a bookmaker is to start typing its name in the search field. All the bookmakers that have a similar name will be immediately shown. Their full website address can be further checked in Bookmaker Settings (see Alternative Domain for a Bookmaker).

Clicking on "Popular" shows bookmakers frequently selected by users from your country. This is a great starting point if you're new to our website or to sports betting. Just make sure to first deselect all bookmakers via the "Check all" box - then only the popular ones will be checked.

"Show mine" presents your personal selection of bookmakers — the ones that you have kept visible (not hidden). You can check or uncheck bookmakers in your shortlist and apply the changes; they will remain displayed unless you choose to hide them.

Personal list of bookmakers

To hide a bookmaker, click the "Hide the rest" button or the Trash icon in the Bookmaker menu. You can bring up the menu by clicking the black triangle next to the bookmaker's name. Hiding is applied globally for all filters and areas of the site. This means that if you select several bookmakers and hide the rest in Surebets, they will also be hidden in Middles and Valuebets.

To unhide (bring back) a bookmaker, type its name in the search field or press the "Show all" button and check the box for it.

List Icon

Next is the List button, which displays all available bookmakers in two modes: alphabetical order and tree view. The tree view clearly shows basic (parent) bookmakers and their twin-sites (mirrors, clones) in sublists. Note that only one bookmaker can be selected from a sublist, so you cannot choose a basic bookmaker and its twin (or two twins) at the same time. Consider creating and saving a separate filter for this purpose (see Multi-Filter).

After selecting the necessary bookmakers, save your changes by clicking the "Apply and Filter" button.

Every bookmaker has a number of options available — click on the black triangle next to the bookmaker name to see a drop-down list (also see Alternative Domain for a Bookmaker).

“Required bookmaker” will display only surebets containing this bookmaker and will make it bold in the bookmakers list. The same action will occur if you right-click on a bookmaker in the list. “Origin of surebet” will display only bets initiated by this bookmaker (see Cause of Surebet). Such bets will be marked with a filled circle. “Only one outcome with bookmaker” means that only one outcome in the surebet will belong to this bookmaker (as certain bookmakers prohibit 2 stakes for the same event). Minimum and maximum odds for separate bookmakers can be specified too.


To select preferred sports, check the respective boxes. “Check all” selects or deselects all sports at once.


The tournaments filter allows you to focus on particular sports events. You can choose to show only selected tournaments, exclude certain ones, or keep all available events as the default option. Note that you can specify up to 20 tournaments in the filter.


Three more options are available here:

“Exclude quarters”: hides surebets with quarter goal Asian handicap and totals (see Asian handicap). “Exclude when a return is possible”: hides surebets that can cause a stake return (e.g. a stake on 1-2/Draw No Bet is returned when a draw happens in a match). "Exclude surebets for which bookmakers have different rules": hides risky surebets where a potential money loss could occur due to differences in bookmakers' market definitions.

The Filter button applies the selected filter conditions to the list of displayed surebets.

The Reset button restores all filter settings to the default mode, showing all available search results for the 15 main sports.