The Main Principles of Choosing a Bookmaker

What one needs to do to start betting? What is the right approach to selecting a bookmaker? How to open an account with a bookie and transfer funds to it? These are the questions any novice bettor asks. We will cover them in the present article.

So, you have decided to earn money by placing arbitrage bets. The success of your experience depends on many factors, and the main one is the choice of a bookmaker. This is the very first and most important step for an arber. There are many bookmakers online offering their services; on our website alone, there are several hundred bookmakers listed. At first glance, there is no difference between them. So, who should you prefer? Based on the experience of professional players, we have selected the most important factors to consider when choosing a bookmaker.


Reliability is the most crucial criterion when choosing a bookmaker. While you can find plenty of bookmaker "rankings" online, remember not to trust them blindly. While they can offer some useful information, and you can pay attention to the top bookies on the list, it would be wise to verify their reliability. Explore thematic forums and read the reviews of professional players. Most likely, you already know some people who are experienced in online betting. Ask them if the given bookie accurately calculates bets and if it delays payouts.

Your objective is to ensure that your bet is accepted with the exact odds you expected. Some bookmakers deceive players in this regard. The same goes for payouts. If a company delays a withdrawal request, it is not worth dealing with them. This indicates poor quality of customer service, and a high risk of losing all the invested funds.

We strongly recommend that you take a responsible approach to the availability of information about the company you are interested in. Where it is located, its legal address, contact details. Registration information speaks a lot. For example, the 10Bet bookmaker is licensed and registered in the UK. Of course, an office licensed in an offshore jurisdiction will not have the same credibility with players.

Pay close attention to betting exchanges, too. Since they make their money by charging a commission on the winnings of the bettors, they have no reasons to limit players.

Customer support

Throughout your collaboration with a bookmaker, you may encounter numerous questions regarding your account or the services offered. Therefore, ensure that customer support is provided at a satisfactory level. Regardless of how you submit your inquiry (email, phone call, or chat), you should receive prompt, concise, and competent responses.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Reputable companies care about the convenience of their clients and provide a wide choice of deposit and withdrawal methods. From various electronic payment systems to partnerships with banks, allowing clients to transfer funds directly to their personal accounts. This undoubtedly indicates the high status of the bookmaker, since only a trusted company can conclude such an agreement with the bank.

Line offering

The higher the status of the bookmaker, the more detailed the line offering. In addition, the most advanced bookmakers constantly expand the list of sports, championships and other sports events. Working with such a bookmaker will be convenient, transparent, and will have a positive impact on your earnings.


To encourage betting, bookmakers have to offer more favourable odds than their competitors, providing them with a low margin (Read more about margin here). If the bookmaker you are interested in has a margin higher than 7.5% (for surebets with two outcomes), betting will be simply unprofitable.

Bonuses and free bets

A significant advantage of a bookmaker is the bonuses they offer. Information about their availability can be found on the bookmaker's website. For example, registration bonuses, prize draws among clients, etc. Typically, to receive a bonus, you always need to meet certain conditions. Make sure that they are acceptable to you.

Convenience and website language

In conclusion, we will mention a factor that might not be the most significant but still plays a role — convenience. If you are not fluent in the website language or are just starting out and don't fully understand some terms, you should look for a bookmaker that supports your native language. It is worth noting that in some bookmakers, extra languages may not always have a correct translation, so be careful.

Getting started with betting

Let's imagine that after studying all the factors above, you have chosen a decent bookmaker. Perhaps, you have also found a good betting opportunity and are ready to make your first bet. Now it is time to delve into the process.

Firstly, you need to register. Creating an account with a bookmaker is no different from registering on other websites. However, due to the fact that your identity (and all the information you provide during sign-up) will be verified, be attentive when filling out the fields.

Next, we move on to the financial aspect. Set up a wallet in a popular electronic payment system, as not all bookmakers allow you to deposit funds directly from your card. Currently, the most advantageous payment system supported by most bookmakers is Skrill (Moneybookers).

Then comes a process similar for all bookmakers — depositing funds into your account. On the account page, click on "Deposit" or "Add Funds" and choose your payment system from the list of options provided. Enter the deposit amount and click the confirmation button. The funds deposited into your account can only be used in that particular bookmaker.

Take your choice of bookmakers seriously. They must 100% comply with all the above factors, including your own wishes. Treat this with special responsibility, and you will get only positive emotions and experience from surebetting.

In addition to the above

On our website you can check what bookmakers are most frequently selected by users from your county: Bookies by Country. The Bookmakers filter offers this possibility, too — via the Popular button. It is a good place to start if you are new to our website and to sports betting.

Among bookmakers we recommend taking a look at Pinnacle. Pinnacle is recognized as the undisputed leader among bookmakers offering the highest odds. It never cuts the limits, and does not close accounts as other bookmakers may do. If you register an account with them as part of our promo-campaign, we will provide a month of SureBet service for free.